Ugly Christmas Sweater

In anticipation of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Day,Full print clothes supplement our unique collection with something practical and warm. It’s up to you whether you go for a crazy, colourful look or a delicate, toned pattern on your new favourite Clothes. But maybe it’s worth choosing more than one?

Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Showing 1–12 of 42 results

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, or as it’s also known more commonly and simply, Ugly Sweater Day, is a fun holiday-inspired occasion where people of all ages wear old, unstylish sweaters (or retro-inspired new sweaters) in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

Rules for Ugly Sweater “Best” and “Worst” Contest

To be eligible as an Ugly Christmas Sweater “Best” and the “Worst” Contestant you must wear a Christmas or Winter themed Sweater, Sweatshirt, Sweater Vest or Jacket to the event.

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